A/C Service in Carlsbad

A/C & Heater Service in North County

Any resident of California knows that while the temperatures are usually nice year-round, a hot summer day can reach unbearable levels. Keeping your climate control system serviced and healthy is important for the comfort and safety of both you and your passengers. 

It’s important to know that the longer you leave an A/C system broken and dormant, the worse the problem will become. This can lead to expensive repairs down the line if not serviced in a timely manner. 

Air conditioning vents

Some common causes of a faulty A/C or heater system can include:

  • Faulty condenser
  • Broken radiator fan
  • Low/leaking refrigerant 
  • Broken heater hoses
  • Faulty heater core/heater control valve

If you’re experiencing issues with either your A/C or heater, you should have it inspected and repaired by a trustworthy shop. Don’t let yourself freeze in the winter or burn up in the summer, and bring your vehicle to Carlsbad Auto Service! Our expert technicians have years of experience working on automotive HVAC systems and will ensure yours is ready for SoCal’s heat. 

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