Air Filter Replacement in Carlsbad

Air Filter Replacement

Everybody knows the feeling of getting into someone else’s (or your own) vehicle and getting a whiff of something that just smells… off. In many cases, this funky smell can be traced back to the cabin air filter. 

Your cabin air filter is important for catching dust and allergens from the outside air before it’s pumped into your cabin. This means that with a healthy filter, you’re getting clean and odorless air for you and your passengers to breathe.

Cabin air filters

However, when dirt, dust, and allergens build up in the filter, it can be hard to push clean air through. This not only makes your A/C and heater move less air, but it also means that the air that is making it through is contaminated with all the stuff you wanted to keep out in the first place. This can not only provide an unpleasant smell but breathing in this unclean air when driving is not advised for health reasons. 

Cabin air filter replacements are an inexpensive investment that can drastically improve your driving experience and the experience of your passengers. Call or schedule an appointment online today at Carlsbad Auto Service, and our team will take care of you!

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