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California leads the nation in the adoption of electric vehicles, and Carlsbad Auto Service is working to stay ahead of the curve by educating our technicians and service advisors on the unique service requirements and challenges that come with EV ownership. Our team has completed training with Earthling Automotive, giving us the skills to service Tesla and other EVs.

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One of the big advantages of EV ownership is reduced maintenance costs. Electric vehicles do not require the same routine services as their internal combustion counterparts. Combine this with the money saved by not buying gas, and it’s easy to see why EVs are growing in popularity, particularly as prices come down and government incentives like tax breaks make ownership even easier. This doesn’t mean EVs don’t require maintenance though. While you may never need to change the oil in your Tesla, other items like brakes, tires, and suspension will still need to be serviced.

EV Services We Offer

Computer Calibration

Battery Checks
Battery Replacements

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