New EVs With The Longest Range

As EVs have skyrocketed in market share over the past decade, a new term has crept its way into automotive terminology: “range anxiety”. Range anxiety refers to the fear that your EV will not have sufficient range to complete its drive to the destination or next charging station along the route. Although charging infrastructure has grown exponentially across the US, California especially, the possibility of depleting your battery fully along a road trip or distant commute is a real one.

So when shopping for an EV, battery range is one of the top concerns of many buyers. Fortunately, EV manufacturers have made significant strides in battery technology and efficiency. Here are four EV offerings you can buy today that boast some of the best range among their competitors, so you can feel peace of mind driving your electric vehicle.  

It should be noted that these range statistics are all manufacturer-provided numbers in optimal conditions. It’s unlikely that you’ll reach the maximum range of any vehicle during real road driving. However, these statistics do provide a great picture of which vehicles will last the longest between charges. 

2024 Tesla Model S

White Tesla Model S on road

When the average consumer thinks of EVs, Tesla is likely the first brand that comes to mind. The Texas-based manufacturer has been paving the way for premium electric sedans since before most other automakers had even considered going electric.

This experience shows in their flagship Model S sedan for the 2024 model year, retaining the same subdued styling of years past while offering some of the best acceleration of any vehicle at a 0-60 of 3.1 seconds according to the brand. The instant torque of electric motors is nothing to scoff at. 

While the Plaid version turns it up to eleven, boasting an absurd 1,020 horsepower, the base model is the sweet spot for maximum range. The standard Model S offering provides a range number of 402 miles.

2024 Polestar 2 Long Range

White Polestar 2 sitting on snow

Volvo’s former motorsports offshoot turned electric performance division, Polestar, has jumped onto the scene quickly with their premium EVs. Following their limited-production Polestar 1 electric sports car, Polestar doubled down on premium EVs with the Polestar 2 compact sedan in 2020. 

Their current facelifted offering for the 2024 model year offers a standard range of 339 miles, while the single motor long-range version ups that to 406 miles. Compared to the previous iteration’s 336 max range, the Polestar 2 Long Range mitigates much of the range concern of other executive sedan EVs.

2024 Porsche Taycan

White Porsche Taycan driving

Porsche surprised many when they burst onto the EV scene with their Taycan platform in 2020. Since then, the legendary German marquee has only improved its EV engineering and performance. 

The 2024 Taycan was given a mid-cycle facelift that brought considerable improvements in both power output and range. The Taycan’s new iteration provides a 35% range increase over its predecessors, bumping up the max distance between charges to 421 miles on the RWD model. 

2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV

Black Silverado EV driving on road

For those looking for something a little more practical while not sacrificing range, the Silverado EV is a great choice. Offering over 10,000 Lbs. of towing capacity, there are not many other EVs on the market with this caliber of both capability and efficiency. 

In its normal mode, the Silverado EV will push out about 510 horsepower with a maximum range of 450 miles. The truck also includes Chevy’s “Wide Open Watts” mode, which temporarily increases the power to 754 horsepower.

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