Driving with “Green” Tips for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is a day to celebrate all things green, including our planet! One way to show your appreciation for the environment is by driving your vehicle in an eco-friendly manner. Here are some tips on how to drive “green” for St. Patrick’s Day:

Maintain Your Vehicle

Keeping your vehicle well-maintained is essential for reducing emissions and improving fuel efficiency. Regularly scheduled maintenance, such as oil changes and air filter replacements, can go a long way in reducing the environmental impact of your vehicle.

Drive Smoothly

Aggressive driving, such as speeding, rapid acceleration, and hard braking, not only increases your risk of an accident but also contributes to higher fuel consumption and emissions. To drive more eco-friendly, accelerate gradually, maintain a steady speed, and anticipate stops to avoid sudden braking.

Avoid Idling

When you’re stuck in traffic or waiting for someone, it can be tempting to leave your engine running. However, idling emits harmful pollutants and wastes fuel. If you anticipate an extended stop, turn off your engine to save fuel and reduce emissions.

Use Cruise Control

Using cruise control while driving on the highway can help maintain a steady speed and reduce fuel consumption. This can be especially beneficial for long trips.


Carpooling is an excellent way to reduce the number of cars on the road, which can lead to reduced emissions and traffic congestion. Consider joining a carpool or arranging a ride-share with friends or coworkers to reduce your environmental impact.

By implementing these eco-friendly driving tips, you can do your part to reduce emissions and help protect the environment this St. Patrick’s Day. Remember, small actions can make a big difference!

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