What are the Most Common BMW Problems?

As much as any car is a convenience, you are bound to experience some setbacks and problems, some of which are common to all car brands and others that are brand-specific. BMW is one of the car brands that have a high purchase price, and high maintenance cost. However, even with its high-performance features that make it expensive to own and maintain, BMW vehicles are known to also have brand-specific issues. Here are the most common BMW problems.

Oil Leaks

As much as it is not an issue with newer BMW models, oil leaks are one of the most common problems you encounter with BMWs. Most times, oil leaks witnessed with BMWs come from the valve corners or at the transmission. It may also be a result of a failing fuel pump. Often, oil leaks in BMW are discovered through a puddle of oil under the car at the front.

Puddle of oil on road

Cooling System Failure

The engine cooling system is a very crucial component of cars, but even with the numerous advancements BMW has tried to make to improve performance and looks, most BMW engine cooling systems fail after some time. Most garages that work on BMW cars record complaints from many clients about engine overheating. This is majorly caused by a faulty water pump or the coolant leaking. A qualified automotive technician at our shop can help you identify some of the problems with your BMW.

Shaking Steering Wheel

This is a common problem with BMW 3-series models. Over time, the steering wheel may start to shake or vibrate during braking. This is an annoying and risky problem as it may easily lead to an accident. Most times, a shaky steering wheel in a BMW 3-series is a sign of thrush arm bushing problems. The thrush arm bushing is a suspension system component and is known to fail most of the time at 75,000 miles.

Hands holding steering wheel

Tail Lamp Problems

Even mechanics have not been able to explain the reason for this failure but blame it on the poor connection during assembly. The check rear lamp sign can appear on your BMW dashboard as early as a week after buying the car.

Ignition Coil Failure

Ignition coils are responsible for converting the battery’s low voltage power into high voltage power used to create the spark from spark plugs. Unfortunately, BMW’s have been known to experience ignition coil failure fairly commonly.

When your ignition coils fail, your engine may experience misfires. If left unadressed, this can spiral into larger issues down the line such as a damaged cylinder head.

BMW Repair in Carlsbad

For repair and maintenance, only trust an authorized BMW technician to do the repairs on your BMW. If you need BMW repair, we invite you to bring your car to our auto repair shop today. We can assist with any problem and are here to help if you notice your BMW service engine soon light turns on.

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