What Does a Smog Inspection Do?

When you visit our smog inspection station, we will test the amount of pollutants your vehicle releases into the air. We will then check to ensure that it is in line with California’s emissions requirement. The check is done biennially (with a few exceptions), and your vehicle is required to pass for complete registration. Thankfully, Carlsbad Auto Service is an AAA-approved and authorized smog test and repair station providing quality emission inspection services to our clients in Carlsbad, CA, and beyond.

So, What Does a Smog Test Entail?

Our ASE-certified technicians will run a performance test on your car’s exhaust to ensure that it does not emit excess pollutants or smog. Our team is well equipped with state-of-the-art tools and equipment and employs cutting-edge technology to guarantee accuracy and precision. They then test your car emissions and compare them to California’s standards, which will mean your vehicle passing or failing the test.

What Happens if My Car Fails the Smoke Test?

In the event that your vehicle’s exhaust system is broken and needs a repair service, our experts at Carlsbad Auto Service have your back. We are trained, experienced, and licensed to perform smoke test and repair services in Carlsbad, CA, and the surrounding areas. After the repair, they will re-test and re-evaluate your vehicle to ensure that everything is in excellent working condition. We will then take you through our pricing, which will vary depending on the cause and source of the smoke.

It is vital that you stay on top of your vehicle’s manufacturer maintenance schedule and address small repair needs before they become serious damages. It will also save you from unnecessary breakdowns and hefty repair charges.

Smoke checks are compulsory in most California counties. The aim is to reduce pollutions and excessive smog emitted into the air, promoting a happier, healthier state. If you need a smog inspection station in Carlsbad, CA, or the neighboring communities, bring your car to our experts in Carlsbad Auto Service today! 

Carlsbad Auto Service has been tested and approved by the California State Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) to conduct vehicle smog inspections.

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