Preventative Maintenance Special - $199.95
Plus Tax & Haz Mat
Includes the following:
Lube, Oil & Filter, Up to 5 Qts. Of Oil, Synthetic Oil Extra, Tire Rotation
A ... [More] full evaluation and recommendations for the following:
Including power steering , brakes, transmission, windshield washer, solvent, antifreeze/coolant
Check for cracked, brittle, frayed, loose, or excessive wear.
Inspect system for fluid leaks and disc pad/brake pad wear
Test overall condition and life expectancy, clean and inspect battery terminals
Including tire pressure and tread. Uneven wear could indicate a need for a wheel alignment.
Make sure blades are working properly and reservoir is filled with solvent.
Check tie rod ends, ball joints, shocks and struts
Headlights, signal lights, brake lights, taillights
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Brake Special
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Smog Inspection
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Headlight Restoration Services in Carlsbad, CA

The headlights of a car produce the light required for road visibility at night and in severe weather. In the past, car manufacturers used glass for headlight construction because fogging was not a problem with the material. However, the pursuit of lighter, durable, and more affordable options led to plastic use, and that brought a new problem - foggy and white or yellowing headlight lenses.

This change eliminated the need for headlight replacement. Car owners only need to restore the light bulbs. Carlsbad Auto Service is here to provide quality, professional, and affordable headlight restoration in Carlsbad, CA.

When Should You Restore Your Headlights

Many car owners ask: how do you know that your headlight requires restoration? There are a few symptoms that you can keep an eye out for that will indicate you may be due for a headlight restoration service.

They include:

  • Foggy headlights
  • Dimming bulbs
  • Scuffed or scratched lenses
  • Discolored light casing
  • Poor/limited nighttime visibility

A good rule of thumb is to have your headlights restored when your road visibility is reduced to less than 350 ft. That means that headlights that operate properly should be bright enough to illuminate a distance beyond 100 meters.

It is therefore important to check this distance to determine when you should replace the headlights. It is also important to ensure that you restore the headlights on both sides to provide uniform clarity and visibility.

Types of Headlight Restoration

At our Carlsbad auto repair shop, the restoration procedure we use will depend on the type of headlights and the extent of fogging. As professionals in auto repair, we have noticed that headlights fall under two extreme categories. Therefore, we provide the following types of restoration solutions.

Severe Fogging Restoration – This type of fogging is relatively easier to restore because the headlights usually fog uniformly.

Slight Fogging Restoration – The headlight casing comes with a layer of acrylic that prevents oxidation. As time elapses, the layer wears off. That exposes the casing to UV light that oxidizes the casing, turning it slightly yellow. It is the easiest restoration procedure and can restore the headlights to a nearly perfect look.

Intermediate Fogging Restoration – In some cases, the headlights might fall in-between the two extremes – partly crackled cell casing and partly oxidized. It is one of the most difficult to restore. Fortunately, we have a team of ASE-certified technicians who use state-of-the-art equipment and tools to ensure that your headlights look and function as good as new.

Are you in search of professional headlight restoration services? Bring your car to Carlsbad Auto Service today! Our professionals are ready to welcome and handle your headlight issue efficiently with quality workmanship. Phone our auto center now at 760-429-1198 to schedule your visit or fill in our online appointment form.

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