Common Radiator Problems

The radiator is a crucial part of your cooling system that many drivers often neglect… until there’s a problem with it. It plays a part in distributing the coolant to your engine. When your radiator fails, the entire system is in danger. It will cause your engine temperature to rise and run the risk of overheating. 

For the above reasons, it is important that we share some of the most common radiator problems, how to avoid them, and how we can fix them at our Carlsbad auto repair shop.


The most common issue with radiators is leaking, often from worn hoses or the radiator itself. The cooling system is very pressurized, which is why your hoses can deteriorate over time. Frequent checks of the cooling system can let us catch worn hoses before they leak. If the fluid lines are the problem, we can the hoses at Carlsbad Auto Services.

Rusty Radiator

As mentioned earlier, the radiator itself can cause leaks. Since the radiator is a metallic piece that comes in contact with liquid and air, it is bound to oxidize and rust. Regular coolant flushes will help get rid of harmful contaminants and prevent corrosion. Without proper cooling system maintenance, a rusty radiator gone unnoticed can end up with holes. 

Other Failing Components (Water Pump or Thermostat)

The cooling system is very interconnected, and all of its parts need to be working simultaneously for your engine to stay cool. If the thermostat stops working, coolant will not be released into the radiator, and when the water pump fails, there won’t be enough pressure to move the coolant. Fortunately, our professional mechanics can narrow it down to the worn part with a thorough inspection. 

Let the experts at Carlsbad Auto Service keep your engine cool year-round. If you are in need of a cooling system service or repair, please do not hesitate to come by Carlsbad Auto Service. 

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