What To Do if You’re Involved in a Car Accident

Car Accident

It happens so suddenly. One moment you’re driving along on an ordinary day …and then you have an accident. In those first few minutes afterwards, with your heart racing and your car damaged, it can be difficult to know what to do. We understand how upsetting an accident can be, and we’re dedicated to helping make it easier for you. That’s why we’ve developed a few tips to help you handle the situation safely and sensibly. Take a few minutes to read these now, so that they come to mind in the event you do have an accident.

But before you get into an accident, it is very important to understand the type of California Auto Insurance coverage you carry. Don’t make the mistake of not reviewing your coverage when purchasing the policy and then regretting it when you get involved in a collision. Make sure you get enough coverage to cover the damages you’re liable for incase the accident is your fault. Make sure to get coverage for your vehicle so you don’t end up spending a lot of money on replacing your vehicle and remember to follow these steps to make your claims process more simple and stress free.

  • Don’t leave the scene of the accident, and take any steps to prevent further accidents or injury. If you can, park safely and turn on emergency flashers.
  • Check to see if anyone is injured.
  • Call the police or have someone call for you.
  • Exchange the following information with the other driver(s): your names, the names and phone numbers of your insurance companies, your vehicles’ license plate numbers and your
  • driver’s license numbers. However, discuss the specifics of the accident only with the police.
  • If you have a camera, take photos of the accident scene and vehicles if it is safe to do so.

Once you’ve gathered as much information as you can, call your California Auto Insurance company immediately. Most insurance companies have a 24 hour claims service. Your Customer Care representative can tell you about the many claim services available to you. For example, if you don’t know of a body shop where you can have your car repaired, they can offer you the option of using a network of approved auto repair shops. So remember, if you do have an accident, you’re not alone. Take a breath, gather your important information and call your insurance company right away.


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