What Are Shock Absorbers?

What Are Shocks?

Shocks are a key component in the vehicle's suspension system intended to absorb the impact and rebound of the springs. They are grease-filled cylinders. Shock absorbers control unwanted motions so that your car rides can feel comfortable and smooth. They do the hard work whenever you drive over divots and bumps in the road. Additionally, they promote even wear on your tires by ensuring proper traction. 


Most shock absorbers are twin-tube or mono-tube, with slight variations to support different needs. Shock absorbers can last between 4 to 5 years depending on the road conditions you frequently drive on. If the vehicle that drives on smooth and/or paved roads, your suspension can last up to 10 years. Likewise, your shocks may need replacing more often if you frequently operate on bumpy roads.


You can also determine when to replace your shocks by examining how your shocks act. Below are the warning signs for worn shocks:

  • Longer stopping time 
  • Vehicle dives when braking
  • Vehicle squats when accelerating
  • Excess bounciness
  • Leaky appearance
  • Shaky steering wheel
  • Unevenly worn tires

Since shock absorbers and other suspension parts are in hard-to-reach areas, their replacements are best left for professionals to do. At Carlsbad Auto Service, we genuinely care for our customers and their safety. So, if your car is exemplifying the signs above and you need shock absorber replacement, we welcome you to bring your car to Carlsbad Auto Service! Feel free to give our team a call or visit today.

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