Spring Cleaning For Your Vehicle

We usually associate the term “spring cleaning” with our wardrobe or house, but we encourage you to apply this well-known expression to your vehicle. Our vehicle can take a beating with the colder temperatures and harsh road conditions of winter, and we believe a spring cleaning would be much appreciated.  

To renew and restore your vehicle after winter, try these spring cleaning tips: 

  1. Wash and wax your vehicle: wash your vehicle from top to bottom to avoid dragging any dirt and grime upward. Washing and waxing your vehicle can add shine and protect the paint. 
  2. Don’t forget about the interior: focus specifically on your carpets and floor mats, as these components of the interior of your vehicle can act like a sponge, soaking up all that dirt, mud, and grime. A microfiber cloth and a cleaner can be used to clean your dashboard and any other surface in your vehicle. 
  3. Replace those wiper blades: your wiper blades are working in overtime during the winter, acting as your first line of defense against the winter elements of ice, rain, or snow. It is important to give your wiper blades some much-needed TLC to avoid any incidents in which your vision is impaired by streaking or completely damaged blades. 
  4. Tire inspection: from potholes to harsh weather conditions, your tires can endure quite a bit during winter, and the first few weeks of spring are the perfect time for a technician to examine your tires for any signs of wear or damage. 
  5. How about your A/C system? You may not have used your air conditioning system during winter, but you will be using it during summer, as we watch the temperatures rise. Take this time to ensure your A/C is properly working before you are stuck in a vehicle in the dead heat of summer, wishing you had brought your car to Carlsbad Auto Service for a check-up. 

Let’s put winter behind us with some much-needed spring cleaning for your vehicle. Our technicians can work under the hood, and you get to work on the outside and interior. Together we can get your vehicle feeling and looking great. Schedule an appointment today. We look forward to seeing you at our shop, located at 3181 Tyler Street, Carlsbad, CA 92008. 


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