Spooky Car Sounds That You Should Never Ignore

If you've had your vehicle for a while, you're probably accustomed to how it operates and the sort of sounds it makes. This is why you may be taken back a bit if you overhear an unusual sound mid-drive. Depending on what you overhear, your vehicle could signal something wrong, and you need to take a trip to the auto shop soon. Here are some everyday car noises that may indicate trouble:

  • Screeching that emanates from under the hood can indicate a defective belt or pully. The screeching sound can sometimes occur in a pattern. For instance, you may hear the screech every time the strap makes a loop. 
  • A hissing sound under the hood can mean you have a damaged pipe. A broken hose or pipe can lead to all sorts of fluid leaks, so it's best to take it to Carlsbad pronto.
  • A metal clanking sound means there's a problematic metal-to-metal contact somewhere in the vehicle. It can be due to having too low motor oil, causing friction with engine parts.
  • If you hear high-pitched squeals or squeaks when pressing on the brake pedal, it's a hint that you need new brake pads. 
  • An unusual clunking metallic soundfrom your undercarriage can also be a sign of a suspension system problem. It could also be that you hit something obstructive on the road. It would be best to have a professional inspect your undercarriage to be sure.
  • A humming noise coming from your tires, especially during acceleration, can indicate poor treadwear. It would help if you inspected your tires for unusual wear patterns. You may need tire service soon!

Halloween may be coming up, but these spooky car sounds should not be overlooked! To get a proper diagnosis of your vehicle sound, please bring your vehicle to Carlsbad Auto Service for an inspection. Our expert team will pinpoint the origin of the noise and determine what repairs are necessary to restore your vehicle. Give us a call at (760) 429-1198 or visit our shop today!

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