Smart Tips for Driving With Your Dog


A lot of us wished we loved anything as much as a dog loves a car ride. Whether they're headed to a beautiful beach or to the vet, the magical adventure in the car is heaven. So if you're going on a road trip, chances are your pooch would be thrilled to accompany you. It's wonderful to bring your furry family along just make sure to prepare and be sure their time in the car is safe and comfortable.


Perhaps your dog is no stranger to car rides. Yet keep in mind that long road trips can be taxing on people and animals. Before a long trip, take your dog on car rides that get longer in duration so they are ready and prepared. Also, have your dog's papers that indicate that he/she has had their rabies shots. Not often, but sometimes you will be asked for proof before crossing state lines.


Have a crate or carrier that will keep your canine comfortable and with room to turn around, sit, lie, lay, and stand. Be sure to have it strapped in safe and secure so the carrier doesn't move around should you come to an abrupt stop. If you don't wish to use a crate, you can harness the pooch into one of the safety belt buckles.


It's very important not to leave your dog alone in a parked car. On hot says, cars can reach oven temperature even with the windows open. During the frigid months, cars hold in the cold air like a freezer which could be deadly for an animal in the vehicle.


Make sure that you have certain items with you that are necessary when traveling with your dog. Definitely have a bowl, food, and plenty of water packed in the car. It's also helpful to have your animals' favorite toy or pillow nearby because it could be comforting.


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