Rad Car Costumes

The countdown for Halloween starts now, as we have officially 31 days until the big event. Your little ones might already be planning their costume, and from Disney princesses to power rangers, the options are practically limitless. You might have forgotten about your vehicle, and with Halloween fast-approaching, it is the perfect time to think about decorating your trusty sidekick. 

Decorating your vehicle for Halloween is a fun and festive way to up your Halloween game. You can dress up your car in a costume, park it outside your home, and watch the trick-or-treaters gather around. Here are a few ideas for cool car costumes: 

This idea looks easy to complete, but still does the trick! 

Now you can have your very own batmobile with this idea! 

What a glamorous Honda!

This is certainly creative. Maybe your little one could dress up as a princess, and then we would have princess and the frog for the complete collection. 

If you are going for a traditional Halloween look, this one is for you. 

The cookie monster is always a fan favorite. 

All those animals look like they are cohabiting. We wonder which ones will be left in the morning! 

Even though Halloween can be full of fun, it can quickly turn into a night of terrors. The streets are certainly more crowded, which can lead to kids crossing the street without warning, combined with costumes that sometimes blend into the dark. The team at Carlsbad Auto Service wants you to have a safe and happy Halloween, which is why we recommend scheduling an appointment at our shop for an inspection. 

For instance, you might need to quickly step on your brakes, or shine your high beams on a dark street. After a visit to Carlsbad Auto Service, you can count on your vehicle when you need it the most. Schedule an appointment today for an inspection. We look forward to seeing you at our shop, located at 3181 Tyler Street, Carlsbad, CA 92008. 



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