Protect Your Car From Harsh Weather

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It’s a perfect time to start thinking about protecting your vehicle from the harsh weather and conditions ahead.

Using a car cover can protect your cars finish from destructive elements like moisture, which can seep into tiny cracks and dings and work against your paint from the inside out. The process of corrosion begins any time your car is subjected to very moist conditions. Eventually, moisture can separate the paint from the metal and cause the metal to oxidize. Come winter, salt from road maintenance crews will accelerate corrosion by slowing down drying times and causing a chemical reaction with the metal body of your car.

If you live where there’s a lot of snow, you know what a hassle it is to clear away frost, ice and snow from your car before driving away. Using a car cover when your vehicle is parked outside lets you avoid that time-consuming de-icing routine—not to mention the danger of driving with a frost-covered windshield.

If you regularly park under trees, a car cover can protect your vehicle from debris like falling leaves, acorns and pinecones—all of which can cause tiny chips in the paint, allowing moisture to creep in and do its dirty work. And don’t forget about tree sap. Those little droplets can produce permanent color changes and can etch paint. Pine sap is particularly dangerous, as it contains turpentine.

The best car cover for harsh fall and winter conditions is one that provides superior moisture protection without sacrificing the breathability your car needs underneath. Look for a multi-layer fabric cover that has a middle layer of microporous film, which will stop water, yet allow trapped condensation to evaporate.

The best news about car covers? Today’s covers can be custom-fit to follow the exact contours of a vehicle—even those with modifications or aftermarket accessories. Custom-fit covers are more tailored and don’t move around as much in the wind. Plus, they’re more affordable than you may think and are easier to install than ever.


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