May 26, 2023

What You Need to Know About “Fuel Injection/Induction Service” Fuel injection is the spraying of fuel under pressure into the engine’s airstream or cylinders. It differs from carburetion in that carburetors keep the fuel supply at basically very low pressure and rely on the pressure drop in the venturi (carburetor) to draw the fuel in, […]

As much as any car is a convenience, you are bound to experience some setbacks and problems, some of which are common to all car brands and others that are brand-specific. BMW is one of the car brands that have a high purchase price, and high maintenance cost. However, even with its high-performance features that […]

Understanding your vehicle’s warning lights is an important part of vehicle ownership. For instance, it can help you avoid stress and panic when your oil warning light comes on.That is why the team at Carlsbad Auto Service is here to explain what your oil drip warning light may mean and some of its common misconceptions. […]

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