Is It Time For a Cabin Air Filter Service?

When most people think of vehicle maintenance, they think about changing oil, tires, or even wiper blade replacements. Most drivers tend to neglect a vital piece of your HVAC system, and that is the cabin air filter.


This mighty part is similar to what you have inside your home. The cabin air filter is a component that filters the air flowing into your car. It sifts out the dirt, debris, pollen, allergens, and more. Over time, you need to replace the old and dirty filter with a clean one. Unfortunately, many drivers probably don’t even know that the filter exists and let the contaminants build up excessively.


A poorly maintained or clogged cabin air filter can even affect the overall quality of your drive. Read on to learn more about why you should bring your car to Carlsbad Auto Service for a cabin air filter service.


Improved comfort

A dirty air filter can lead to pollution inside your car. The filter stands to be the only piece that divides the air you breathe inside your vehicle and the outside air. If you want to keep the air quality inside your car and the upholstery clean, make sure the cabin air filter is in tip-top shape.


Better efficiency with automotive air conditioning 

If your cabin air filter is no longer effective at its job, you can strain the engine whenever you power on the air conditioning. You must have a clean flow of air going in to allow a seamless stream of air to come through your vents. As a result, you can attain better fuel efficiency, a quieter A/C system, and a more comfortable ride.


Reduced allergens

Comfortability is one thing, but your health is another. If you suffer from allergies, you should make changing your cabin air filters a top priority. During pollen season, a clean cabin air filter can help reduce allergens that come inside your vehicle. You don’t have to worry about all the sneezing or getting sick.


Automakers will typically recommend changing the cabin air filter every 15,000 miles, give or take. If you believe you are due for a cabin air filter service or HVAC system service, please bring your car to the experts at Carlsbad Auto Service today.

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