How to Avoid that New Car Smell

So, after much research and agonizing, you finally did it. You bought that new car and drove it off the lot...and now you want to get rid of that new car smell! Never fear--we’ve got the scoop on how to quell that smell! 

Leave Car in Hot Sun. Parking your car in direct sun can help reduce that smell. It’s counterintuitive to park in the sun, but give it a try. 

Leave the windows open Whenever possible and safe, leave the windows rolled down. If you have a garage, park your car inside it and leave all the windows down all night long. This allows natural air to circulate through the vehicle.

Consider an essential oil diffuser. Essential oils pack a powerful punch. Avoid calming scents like lavender, which might make you feel sleepy. Instead, opt for citrus, like lemon, grapefruit, or orange. Try this diffuser.

Get the car detailed. These can be expensive, but worth it! Alternatively, you can detail your car yourself using this handy how-to video.

Whether you love or detest that new car smell, most importantly, of all, congratulations! At Carlsbad Auto Service, we are here to help with all your new car needs. Schedule your appointment today!


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