How To Avoid Hot Weather Blues

The temperatures are rising, and the sun is shining, which means summer is officially here. It is easy for us to prepare for summertime -- bring out the bathing suits, sunscreen, and keep hydrated -- but we can’t forget about our vehicles. They are working overtime in the summer, and the summer heat does take a toll on them, just like it does to us. The team at Carlsbad Auto Service has a few tips and tricks designed to keep your car hydrated and cool during hot weather. 

Here is how to avoid the hot weather blues: 

  1. At the beginning of summer, have a qualified technician examine your radiator and hoses for leaks and cracks. Our team will make sure there is no bulging, swelling, splitting. 
  2. Don't forget to have your coolant level checked periodically by a qualified technician. Low coolant level is one of the most common causes of overheating breakdowns. It's important to remember that when your vehicle's engine overheats, the automatic transmission is also overheating. This is why it is imperative to have your cooling system inspected on a yearly basis. Early detection is the key to avoiding costly repairs.
  3. Make sure to keep an eye on your temperature gauge and familiarize yourself where it normally runs on a regular basis. Once it starts moving out of that normal range, have it inspected immediately to avoid costly repairs. If it begins to rise, it means your engine can be overheating. If you see the temperature gauge rising, quickly turn your heater on. It may seem counterintuitive; this actually will cool down your engine by dispensing the hot air.  

Our qualified technicians will thoroughly inspect your cooling system to ensure everything is ready for summer. We wouldn’t want any surprises interrupting your summer fun. Schedule an appointment today. We look forward to seeing you at our shop, located at 3181 Tyler Street, Carlsbad, CA 92008. 


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