Healthy Snacks To Keep In Your Car

Got the munchies? With Americans commuting an average of over 100 minutes per day, it’s important to make sure that your car is a place you can relax and enjoy the drive. Last month, we covered some tunes that are great for summer road trips. This month, we’ll talk about the best car snacks! Eating food from a drive-through while on the road is often expensive, and let’s face it, messy. No one wants to arrive at the PTA meeting with the crusty remains of a Quarter Pounder with cheese on their shirt!


You can get yourself nourished without too much work if you pack the right snacks! One great protein-packed option is meat bars like these Epic Bars. They are made with grass-fed beef and taste delicious!


Another very tasty option is Larabars. With a host of flavors and varieties, these tasty treats are the gold standard of gluten-free fare.

Keep dried fruit on hand for extra energy! Handy snacks like these from Naturebox will keep you fueled and focused so you can take on your day!


We suggest keeping a bag or box of these snacks in your car, along with water, so you can access them easily if you need them. As always, for any auto repair needs, don’t forget about Carlsbad Auto Service! To make an appointment, contact us. You can find us at 3181 Tyler Street, Carlsbad, CA 92008.


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