Does My Car Battery need Maintenance?

Working on Car

We’re all aware that just simply running your vehicle on a daily basis keeps your battery fully charged, and ready to go. Most batteries don’t need much maintenance as long as the battery is working properly.
They now offer maintenance free batteries that come with a sealed top. Because of this top it is now impossible to check the water level inside the battery and if you try to remove the top you can damage your battery.
Batteries with caps are considered maintenance-accessible, and can have the water level modified if needed. If you have a maintenance-accessible battery be sure to use only clean distilled water. Never add ordinary tap water since this contains salts and minerals and can contaminate your battery.
Never add acid to a battery for this can be extremely dangerous and damage the batteries. Your battery posts should be checked regularly and should be cleaned if corrosion occurs.
Check for frayed wires so you can replace them right away and be sure the battery is snug in place and cannot be moved around.
If you come across any concerns or issues take your car in right away.


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