Celebrate Earth Day with These "Green" Tips

With Earth Day coming up, you may be considering ways to help preserve the environment. When it comes to eco-friendly driving hacks, the best way to limit vehicle emissions is by keeping up with regular vehicle maintenance and implementing good safety habits. You can also consider switching to a hybrid or electric vehicle if you're ready for a big change.

Below are some of our favorite "green" auto tips:

  • Don't ignore the check engine light - Today, vehicle emission systems are much cleaner than they were years ago. Although, a poorly running engine or malfunctioning exhaust system can cause your vehicle to pollute the air. Therefore, you should get help when you see the check engine warning light.
  • Keep tires properly inflated - Having properly inflated tires will make your engine work less and save you money on gas. You should regularly check your tire pressure and adjust the psi according to your automaker's recommendations.
  • Avoid speeding and harsh acceleration - Both of these driving habits can drain your gas tank quickly. Instead, take it lightly on the pedals to avoid wasting gas and overworking your engine.
  • Don't idle for long periods - Idling is not good if you want to be more considerate of the environment. Instead, it is better to shut off the engine and restart it when needed.
  • Remove heavy items from car - The less weight you carry, the better your gas mileage will be. 
  • Keep up with your vehicle maintenance and tune-ups - Getting your car taken care of is the most effective way to ensure your drives are green. Make sure you get your oil, filters, spark plugs, etc. changed on time so that your engine can run smoothly.

We hope you found these green tips helpful and changed your perspective on more eco-friendly driving habits. If you need any auto service or repairs, we invite you to call or visit Carlsbad Auto Service.

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