Check Your Brakes for Brake Safety Awareness Month

At Carlsbad Auto Service, we recognize that August is Brake Safety Awareness Month. We encourage you to have your brakes inspected this month to ensure they’re still delivering optimal stopping power for your safety. With summer coming to a close soon, it is vital to make sure your brakes are fit to handle the fall and winter weather.


When you bring your vehicle to our auto shop, we will look at all your important brake components, including brake fluids, brake pads, brake rotors, brake calipers, and more.


What Are Some Common Signs That Indicate You Need Brake Service?

  • Grinding Sounds - When braking becomes noisy, it is a clear sign that you need brake service immediately. Some brake pads have wear indicators that screech as a “friendly reminder” to have them replaced. 
  • Illuminated ABS Light - This warning light means that your anti-lock brake system is disengaged. In some cases, this light can come on as a result of wiring or other electrical issues.
  • Shaky Braking - Your brakes undergo intense heat and pressure caused by friction. If your brake rotors become warped as a result of the heat exposure, your braking may feel uneven or unstable.
  • Spongy Brake Pedal - If your brake pedal feels sponge-like or soft, it means that you should check your brake fluid. You could be low or have air trapped inside the brake lines. It is best to have a professional mechanic check.


We look forward to having you at Carlsbad Auto Service for quality brake service. Our expert technicians provide thorough and accurate brake inspections and only recommend services when they are needed. Your safety and satisfaction is our top priority!


Please bring your car, SUV, or truck to the brake specialists at Carlsbad Auto Service soon.

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