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Monthly Archives: September 2019

Staying Safe while driving at night

Staying Safe while driving at night

It’s not just a myth; driving at night is proven to be more dangerous than driving during the day. Fatal accidents are three times more likely to occur in darkness rather than daylight. Why? The answer is straightforward -- you see less on the road, so your reaction time is diminished. The next time you are planning a nighttime ride, we encourage you to check out these tips. Here is how to stay safe while driving at night:  Drive a bit more defensively than you usually would. Nighttime can be full of terrors, as the saying goes. Fatal accidents involving alcohol are four times more likely to occur at night, compared to during the day.  If you’re tired, pull over, have a cup of coffee, and get some rest. If you are feeling drowsy, don’t risk it, and pull over.  Try to avoid two-lane highways. Often, two-lane highways are a recipe for nighttime glare due to the bright headlights on oncoming vehicles. Also, typically, two-lane roads are more narrow and ... read more


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