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The Effect of Ash On Your Vehicle

The Effect of Ash On Your Vehicle

California is experiencing a record number of wildfires across the state, and these fires lead to a vast amount of smoke and ash. The smoke and ash negatively affect our health, leading to several symptoms. Not only does this ash and smoke jeopardize our health, but it also affects our vehicle, specifically our cabin and engine air filters.  A new air filter will be sparkling white, but you will find the air filter blackened with ash and other debris after a relentless fire season. Ash is fine, which means it will make its way through the backside. Your cabin air filter keeps particles, including dust, dirt, pollen, bacteria, and ash, from entering the passenger compartment of your vehicle.  When your engine air filter is dirty, your engine cannot breathe properly, which means low fuel economy, engine power loss, and higher emissions. A dirty cabin air filter affects your health, as contaminants, including ash and smoke, will enter your cabin. A newly replaced cabin air fil ... read more




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