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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Fuel Injection and Induction Service

Fuel Injection and Induction Service

What You Need to Know About “Fuel Injection/Induction Service” Fuel injection is the spraying of fuel under pressure into the engine’s airstream or cylinders. It differs from carburetion in that carburetors keep the fuel supply at basically very low pressure and rely on the pressure drop in the venturi (carburetor) to draw the fuel in, as opposed to injection which sprays it in under various pressures. Your induction system is basically the airflow system into the cylinders that includes the control element of your throttle plate along with entryways for exhaust gas from the EGR system and vapors from the crankcase via the PCV system. What Carlsbad Auto Service Can Do For You! An injection and induction system cleaning at Carlsbad Auto Service consists of a cleaning of the fuel injectors and of the carbon deposit build up on the engine valves and throttle plate area. This ensures your engine will receive improved fuel flow into the comb ... read more


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