An airbag, or a supplemental restraint, is made to protect drivers from a hard impact during a collision. Because it only inflates during the impact it’s considered a ‘passive’ safety component. Airbags help to prevent severe head and chest injuries.

In the last 20 years it has been estimated that airbags have saved 15,000 lives.

Now although Airbags do not need continuous maintenance, the main reason to have your airbag serviced is if your airbag has been deployed during a collision. Otherwise you may come across these maintenance issues.

If you see a Reset Airbag Light this most likely means your dashboard has become deactivated. This means that most likely your airbag will not be able to open and respond if you were to get into an accident. If this happens you will need a professional to examine the airbags and this may take a few hours and usually costs a few hundred.

Just like if your airbags have deployed, you may need airbag replacements if they are broken or nonfunctional. If this is the case you need to have them replaced as soon as possible to prevent any future collisions. This can cost around $1,000-$1,500 dollars.

Lastly, you may need an airbag resetting. If your airbags have deployed you can reinstall the same airbag since it is generally cheaper, although you should still plan on a budget of about $1,000 dollars per airbag to be reattached and fitted in order to be safe once again.

Just because Airbags aren’t a factor in your everyday life, it is always safe to have them ready to go in case of a possible deadly collision.


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