4 Things to Check Before Every Road Trip

Summer is here, and that means it is also road trip season. If you’re planning to do a road adventure this season, please make sure your vehicle is fit to handle the hot and sunny impacts. Not only does it get hotter in Carlsbad, but your car may be exposed to a substantial amount of dust, dirt, and possible rain. Read on to learn more about how you can better prepare your vehicle for summer road trips.

Change Oil & Filter 

If your last oil service was ages ago, it’s better safe than sorry to have it done before embarking on your journey. Clean motor oil can properly keep your engine parts lubricated and cooled. Additionally, a clean filter will help catch debris, dirt, and metals from getting into the components. Your engine will thank you later!

Test Your Battery

The summer heat can accelerate the wear and tear on your car battery. Including oxidation. If you don’t test your battery for a proper charge, it can leave you stranded. At Carlsbad Auto Service, we can test your battery so that you know when to replace it.

Monitor Tire Pressure

Before hitting the open road, your tires need a good check. Tires can lose or gain pressure as the temperatures fluctuate, so be sure that your tires match the automaker’s recommended psi. Plus, proper tire inflation promotes longer tire life and better gas mileage.

Inspect Brakes

There’s nothing more important than reliable brakes on a vehicle. Whether you are sitting in stop-and-go traffic or zipping through the highway, you need a healthy set of brakes. If your brakes aren’t as effective as they once were, it’s safe to say that it is time for brake service.


If your vehicle needs a pre-trip inspection, feel free to come by Carlsbad Auto Service. We can have your car, SUV, or truck road trip ready in no time.

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