15 Helpful Tips for Buying a Used Car

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The thought of buying a car can strike fear into many people. It is a difficult and giant decision when you go to a dealership. So to help out with the nerves here are 15 car buying tips to help you through the challenging process.

  1. Narrow your choices. Going in knowing what make and model you are looking for will help pin point what’s important to you. This will ensure that you are not sold something you really have no need or desire for.
  2. Create a set of parameters that will influence you. Consider all of the factors that go into buying a car such as: price, mileage, make, model, year, condition, safety rating, repair history, owner history, gas mileage, and even color. Choose one to two that are the most important to you and don’t let the others confuse you.
  3. Do your homework! Today the internet is a powerful tool for buying a car. There are many different sites that will educate and equip you to be a confident buyer. Try portals such as Kelly Blue Book or Edmunds. Sites like com and Autotrader are helpful to find cars near you. Another helpful resource is your newspaper. The weekend ads are filled with price incentives because the dealer wants you to come in.
  4. Test Drive. Be sure to test drive multiple cars. There is a good chance you won’t buy the first car you drive and that is OK. The more cars you drive the more you will begin to notice things about the car you are driving. This will help you get a better sense of how cars rank to you.
  5. Pay attention to where the car came from. For instance did the car originate from an area that has had a natural disaster in recent years? Even if a car didn’t need repair, it could still be damaged but not reported. (I.e. rust or wear from salt on the roads in snowy, northern climate).


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