5 Things to Know About the Oil Drip Light

Understanding your vehicle’s warning lights is an important part of vehicle ownership. For instance, it can help you avoid stress and panic when your oil warning light comes on.
That is why the team at Carlsbad Auto Service is here to explain what your oil drip warning light may mean and some of its common misconceptions. Read on to learn more. 

Fact #1: It Is Not the Same Thing As Your Oil Change Service Reminder

Most vehicles nowadays keep count of the number of days since your last oil change and keep track of your oil levels. A light or message may give you a friendly reminder to take your car in for service. While this maintenance reminder is self-explanatory, it should not be confused with the oil warning light. The warning will appear as a red oil can symbolize dripping oil, and it means your oil pressure has dropped.

Fact #2: The Oil Warning Light Means Low Oil Pressure

Oil pressure is important for your engine. When this light comes on, it means it is at an unsafe level and you should turn off your engine and call for a tow. You should have the problem resolved ASAP to avoid major engine damage. 

Fact #3: Low Oil Pressure Can Be Caused By Low Oil Levels

If your vehicle loses a significant amount of oil, the engine oil pressure will drop. That is why the team at Carlsbad Auto Service wants to remind you to check your oil levels frequently with the dipstick located under the hood. If you need help with this, stop by our auto service shop soon.  

Fact #4: Don’t Forget About the Oil Pump

The oil pump is a component found at the bottom of the engine inside the oil pan. If this part is faulty, you can count on our team to handle the job of replacing it to restore your vehicle’s oil pressure levels. 

Fact #5: Never Drive Your Car With Low Oil Pressure

To avoid the risks of harming your engine, please do not drive with your low oil pressure warning light on. When you see the oil drip light, please seek help from the professionals at Carlsbad Auto Service instead. Whether you need a sensor replaced, oil pump replaced, a careful oil change, or all of the above, we’ve got you covered. 

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