May 26, 2023

Your check engine light is part of your car’s onboard diagnostic system. It either flashes or remains steady whenever something goes wrong. Before we conclude whether it’s safe to drive with this light on or not, let’s first find out why it could turn on in the first place. Below are four common reasons. Bad […]

The radiator is a crucial part of your cooling system that many drivers often neglect… until there’s a problem with it. It plays a part in distributing the coolant to your engine. When your radiator fails, the entire system is in danger. It will cause your engine temperature to rise and run the risk of […]

Like your engine oil or coolant, it’s also essential to check your transmission fluid level to ensure it’s at the level it needs to be. It is only possible if your vehicle doesn’t have a closed or sealed transmission system. When your transmission fluid levels get low, you will need to bring it to a […]

A wheel alignment is an essential part of vehicle maintenance that helps to keep your car driving straight and true, reducing wear and tear on your tires and improving overall safety. But how often should you get a wheel alignment, and why is it important? First, it’s important to understand what a wheel alignment is […]

Your car engine works at extreme temperatures with high heat involved. When this heat gets too much, your engine will overheat leading to a blown head gasket in your engine. The extra heat causes the engine block and cylinder head to expand too much that causes a failure in your head gasket making it necessary […]

St. Patrick’s Day is a day to celebrate all things green, including our planet! One way to show your appreciation for the environment is by driving your vehicle in an eco-friendly manner. Here are some tips on how to drive “green” for St. Patrick’s Day: Maintain Your Vehicle Keeping your vehicle well-maintained is essential for […]

It seems like just yesterday that we were opening gifts for Christmas and ringing in the New Year with our loved ones. Before you know it, Valentine’s Day will be here, and you will be racing to the florist to purchase a dozen roses. The team at Carlsbad Auto Service is here to help make […]

It has happened to all of us. You’re driving along, unbothered, jamming out to your music when the dreaded event occurs: a light pops up on your dashboard that wasn’t there before. It’s important to stay calm, take a deep breath, and check your vehicle’s manual to see what exactly has happened. In the case […]

With all holiday festivities happening, people who live near and around San Diego have so many options of how they choose to see and enjoy all the lights and displays. Just be careful that you’re not driving down the street and get distracted by all this holiday beauty! The team at Carlsbad Auto Service wants […]

Simply starting your car has significant implications for your engine. Over your vehicle’s lifetime, air and fuel sediments can build up on the engine’s components, such as the piston crowns, injection novels, and combustion chambers. The debris can choke the air induction system causing the motor to work harder. In some instances, gas mileage may […]

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