Carlsbad Auto Service Suggests Getting Your Car Ready For Fall!

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At Carlsbad Auto Service we believe basic auto care goes a long way toward improving the safety and dependability of a vehicle. The vacations are over, the kids are back in school and cooler evenings have begun. Take advantage of the lull to prepare your vehicle for the winter ahead. Carlsbad Auto Service knows that breakdowns are never convenient, and … Read More

Communication with our Service Consultants is the Key to Great Auto Repair Service at Carlsbad Auto Service

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Communication with our Service Consultants is the Key to Great Auto Repair Service at Carlsbad Auto Service How well is your communication with your Carlsbad Auto Service “auto repair” Consultant? Carlsbad Auto Service suggests that you always keep detailed records of your vehicle’s repairs. In this article you can learn about the importance of clear communication with the Service Consultant … Read More

Smog Inspection Service

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Carlsbad Auto Service is a full-service repair shop that includes smog check, smog failure repairs, and drive-ability problems. We are a Star Certified Test and Repair station. State law requires that a percentage of vehicles have their Smog Check Inspections performed at a STAR station. If your DMV renewal notice states your vehicle requires a Smog Check at a STAR … Read More

Fuel Injection and Induction Service

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What You Need to Know About “Fuel Injection/Induction Service” Fuel injection is the spraying of fuel under pressure into the engine’s airstream or cylinders. It differs from carburetion in that carburetors keep the fuel supply at basically very low pressure and rely on the pressure drop in the venturi (carburetor) to draw the fuel in, as opposed to injection which … Read More

How to Know if Your Brakes Need Repair

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It is extremely important to be sure your brakes are working properly since it is one of the most critical parts in your car. Regular brakes services not only is a good idea but will help ease your mind knowing that you will stop properly and safely every time. If you’re not sure whether or not you need your breaks … Read More

The Used Car Advantage

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The Used Car Advantage Financial experts say that one of the big ticket purchases that a person can buy second hand would be cars. Buying used cars is a prudent purchase depending on the amount of time that the previous owner has owned the car. As people change their cars more frequently than before, soon-to-be used car owners benefit the … Read More

Top 4 Dream Cars

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Top 4 Dream Cars Cars have become a necessity of our lives. You use car to drive yourself to your offices, market or wherever you want to go and then to reach back home. There are times when you think of selling your used car and buy a new model. With the emergence of the internet, this is not a … Read More


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An airbag, or a supplemental restraint, is made to protect drivers from a hard impact during a collision. Because it only inflates during the impact it’s considered a ‘passive’ safety component.  Airbags help to prevent severe head and chest injuries. In the last 20 years it has been estimated that airbags have saved 15,000 lives. Now although Airbags do not … Read More

Lease or Buy?

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Both Business and Personal Car leasing have gained a lot of popularity.. One of four cars on the road have been leased and not out rightly purchased. There are a lot of negative opinions out there about car leasing most of which are false, just like everything else there are advantages and disadvantages. One of the main disadvantages which people … Read More